Dead kangaroos jump out at you, too!

Winnebago Eyre 2012

Our Winnebago is off the road.

We came around a bend on the Castlereagh Highway at 90 km p.h. and there was a large dead roo in front of us. Nowhere to go but hit it, and bang.

Pitch black dark, not sure what is busted…

Almost home, so we kept going. No warning lights, no funny noises, no extra rattles.

In the daylight we found we had a ruptured fuel line, because the diesel is dripping out fast. Not sure what else is damaged, but the insurance company will see about that.

We are in an isolated location, so getting it towed somewhere is proving to be difficult, and because it is under warranty, we don’t want just anyone to tinker with it.

Oh dear!


Former quilt artist, now a painter having a great time creating art! For more than thirty years, I have been teaching (make that enthusing) people about making quilts, and am now retired! And now I make art every day!

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