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Custom wedding junk journal

Joy commissioned this custom blue and white junk journal for her granddaughter as a wedding gift.

The bride wore white satin and her attendants cobalt blue. She wanted blue and white in all the ephemera and decorations, plus lots of space for writing.

Other information for the custom junk journal:

  • the couple won a cruise for their honeymoon
  • the bride loves cats
  • her other grandmother made porcelain dolls
  • that grandmother left her a pearl necklace which the bride was to wear

Custom bag too

My lovely friend, Marsha, gave me a silver organdy bag which I decorated to match the cover of the journal. Although not ordered, we felt it necessary to help protect the book while on the honeymoon cruise.

Look inside!

Enjoy the video flip through of this gorgeous wedding journal to see what I added and why.

Beautiful custom junk journal for a wedding gift

I included book pages with line drawings of wedding imagery. Also inside the pockets was lots of beautiful stationery featuring cobalt blue floral edges and other papers. I trimmed the tags with blue and silver organdy ribbon. (See the picture at the top of this post.)

Joy was delighted with her very special wedding gift, as were the bride and groom.

You can order a custom junk journal of your own. Add your ideas to my skills and we can make magic together!

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