Creative Jump Starts 2014: First jumpstart

Second paint layer on dry first layer

Julie Fei Fan Balzer showed us how to use everyday household objects to make texture on our gelatin printing plate.

These are the odds and ends I used:


Pieces of lace, corrugated cardboard, tapestry canvas, grout spreader, tube from carpet tape, jar lid, bubble wrap and part of a plastic cake tray, were my choices.

First print

First print with purple and yellow paint

Second print with new layer of yellow paint and using the grout spreader

Second layer of yellow paint

New paint layers  were purple and magenta

First print collected the left over paint from the previous layers

print using netting and lace for texture

Cleaned the plate, new paint layers – blue and orange

Using lace for texture

Second print after first paint layer dried and new blue layer brayed on

Second paint layer on dry first layer

And magically the Gelli plate was clean enough to put away.

Thanks for the ideas, Julie.



I have had many careers in my 70+ years, but always creativity was at the forefront. I am passionate about using less and wasting less. I love design, painting, decorating, and now I am combining all that into making junk journals. Creating is like breathing for me!

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