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Covers for Junk Journals

Perhaps the most important part of a junk journal could be the cover. It’s the first part of a journal you see. There’s an old saying: First impressions count. What about: You can’t judge a book by its cover? If the cover isn’t appealing, then will the journal’s interior pages even be looked over?

What kind of covers are there?

Soft, hard, semi soft, ring binder covers, fabric over heavy cardstock, fabric soft, lightweight wood, decoupaged cardstock …

Which covers are easiest to make?

Cardstock covers are so simple that even a beginning junk journaller can manage to make one. Perhaps we need to find some journals and have a look at what makes them appealing?

Not as popular as hard cover journals, they still make up a good percentage of types of cover.

Soft cover journals

Wendy’s Journal Adventures shows you her way of doing things. (With Leo’s help!)


Hard cover journals

When a journal maker decides to use an old book the cover is almost always a hard cover.

One of my recent altered books made into a hard covered junk journal.

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