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Counting pages in junk journals that are for sale is an important step. Your detailed description will include this information. Here’s how it works.

Signatures, folios, pages

You count pages in any book by the part you see as you read or write in it.  In other words, the visible sides of the pages.

When constructing a junk journal, one of the first tasks is to fold your paper to fit into the covers. One piece of folded paper was once called a folio. This is an old Latin word for leaf, and makes four pages.

You don’t count the pages by the number of leaves, but by the faces or sides of the leaves.

From Wikipedia:

The codex (technical book making term)

… the codex replaces its immediate predecessor, the scroll. A single sheet in a codex is a leaf, and each side of a leaf is a page.


So, You don’t count the pages by the number of leaves, but by the faces or sides of the leaves.

A signature is a bundle of folios inside each other. Several signatures joined to a cover make up a book.

Example of counting pages in junk journals

How many pages in a junk journal signature?

If I make a junk journal with two signatures, each containing four pieces of folded paper, therefore my book has 32 pages.

  • Each sheet of folded paper (folio) in the signature yields four pages.
  • Four folios equals 16 pages.
  • Two signatures equals 32 pages.

Easy isn’t it?

Look at how the pages are numbered in a cookbook or a magazine to reinforce what you’ve learned.

Read more about what’s in the pages of a junk journal in The Ultimate Guide To Junk Journals

See you next time.

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