Most favourite junk journal style: Poll results

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The votes are in! It was interesting to see what people felt was their best loved type of journal. The most favourite junk journal style as voted by you was… Vintage Voted by you What were the results? Vintage Trashy Shabby Chic Nature Themed Feminine Bohemian Eclectic We all have favourite styles One favourite is … Read more Most favourite junk journal style: Poll results

What Is A Gluebook?

What are gluebooks? The best definition of a gluebook is probably a cross between an old fashioned scrapbook, a collage book and a trashy junk journal. Junk Journal or Scrapbook? When I was a child, a scrapbook was a big book made of newsprint or brown paper pages. We stuck pictures in, not always very … Read more What Is A Gluebook?


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