Making junk journals

Junk journals from trash? Would you?

Would you make junk journals from trash? To be more precise, would you make junk journals from the paper recycling kerbside bin? Eew! I hear you say. The bin has clean paper and cardboard in it. So let’s see what we could do with that. 4 useful paper items from the trash Cereal boxesMedicine packetsSwing…

Making junk journals

Printables in My Junk Journals

My journals are filled with lots of imagery. I use printables in my junk journals to enhance the pages. As well, I use some to embellish the covers and tags in journals. Antique Postcards is a junk journal which uses patterned paper from a stack called Antique Essentials by Kaisercraft. The imagery is vintage postcards…

Content in junk journals | Making junk journals

Collage in junk journals

I share some of the ways that I use collage in junk journals. I show you: What is collage, how to apply scraps for collage, and where to use collage in junk journals. Firstly, what is collage? collage/ˈkɒlɑːʒ,kəˈlɑːʒ/nouna piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or…

Making junk journals

Free Junk Journal Cards

Following on from my gluing scrap strips to junk cardboard to make tags, I have been painting and stencilling on more trash cardboard and packaging. And I get free junk journal cards for my efforts! [su_youtube url=””] While you can buy beautiful readymade cards and tags for your journals, it’s much more eco-friendly to make…

Making junk journals

Ephemera storage from trash

I needed something to store tiny ephemera in. So I made a chest of drawers from the boxes that our single serve dog food comes in. Easily made ephemera storage from trash cardboard saved from landfill! The twelve pack cartons have two six pack cartons inside. Each of these has a drawer that slides out….