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Gratitude Junk Journals

What’s inside gratitude journals? They contain quotes, tips, question cards/tags and more. There is plenty of writing space so that the user can easily implement the practice of gratitude in such a journal. Firstly, what is gratitude practice? By remembering to be grateful, you can change your life. It’s too easy to forget to follow…

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Another Envelope Journal

Lacy Wings is also an envelope junk journal, although not in the concertina style. This junk journal is like a booklet, with the envelopes forming the page structure. Carol’s video series inspired this too! In the centre of the photo above you see the embellished back of one envelope. There is an envelope printed from…

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Concertina Envelope Journal

Dark Wings is a concertina envelope journal. Envelopes form the base of these fun junk journals. There are many ways to assemble them. Joining the envelopes together in a long row forms a concertina, as you can see in the photo below. The journal, inspired by Carol Tinson of Crafty Emporium Design, as well as…

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Flip books: Mini Junk Journals

Flip books are great mini junk journals. They are fast to make, often taking just one 12 inch sheet of scrapbook paper I recently bought a 100 page pack of paper from Kaisercraft. Inspired by the great designs, I quickly searched for ideas. I remembered making some of these little junk journals for Christmas gifts….