Ultimate Guide To Junk Journals

The Ultimate Guide to Junk Journals

Are junk journals full of rubbish? Are they made of what some might consider ‘junk’? This ultimate guide to junk journals answers all your questions. An essential handbook of junk journals The guide has information about junk journals. You’ll find details about the materials journals are made from. Additionally, you will learn what things are … Read more Ultimate Guide To Junk Journals

About Trashy Junk Journals

Trashy junk journal Many different paper types and page sizes

Learn about trashy junk journals in this article. These books usually contain junk mail, sales catalogues and used envelopes. Other harvested materials such as discarded packaging is prevalent. The covers are salvaged from other books or packaging. Decoration and embellishments come from parcel wrappings. For example, the covers of a journal by Crazy Rebekkah, are … Read more About Trashy Junk Journals

Most Popular Junk journals

Butterfly Blue junk journal - Cover

Junk journals made with mostly new materials are the most popular type. They are favourite junk journals for more people than trashy junk journals are. People make or buy them for gifts, or to celebrate special occasions. If you search online for most popular junk journals, you will find many pages devoted to this favourite … Read more Most Popular Junk journals

Categories for Junk Journals

inside junk journal pages

A junk journal maker chooses a style or category from some of the many design genres of junk journals to model a journal around. Some of the most common types of junk journals are listed below. When you are designing a junk journal, firstly decide on the type of junk journal you will make. Maybe … Read more Categories for Junk Journals

How to make a junk journal: 8 steps

one of my favourite toolsfor making handmade junk journals

Instructions for how to make a junk journal abound on the internet. In this article I outline the tools and materials you need as well as eight steps involved in making a junk journal. There will also be links to videos and articles from many talented junk journallers who will help you get started making … Read more How to make a junk journal: 8 steps

Terms Used in Junk Journals Explained

Click on the letter or word in the junk journal terms index

Common terms used in junk journals and their meanings; Junk journal terms explained and illustrated in pictures. When you start a pursuit of any kind, there a number of new words to learn. In the ‘language’ of the activity you will find new names for things. Sometimes this is referred to as jargon. In junk … Read more Terms Used in Junk Journals Explained


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