Gypsy or Boho Junk Journals


Gypsy or boho junk journals are very colourful. Pictures, lots of frills and laces, as well as charms and tassels decorate the pages of these books. They are a delight to hold and browse through. First of all, what is Boho? Boho comes from Bohemian, and today means unfettered by society’s norms. Free spirited, I … Read more Gypsy or Boho Junk Journals

Mourning Junk Journal

handmade junk jurnal

Friends of our good friend Marsha, who became our friends, moved interstate last year to be near family. A sudden heart attack and her husband was gone — just a few weeks ago. We decided to make a small junk journal instead of sending a sympathy card. Well, it’s not that small! Two signatures totalling … Read more Mourning Junk Journal

One of my own junk journals (How it began)

Places for writing in your junk journal

Let me tell you about one of my own junk journals which two of my friends gave me the makings of. It started with a bundle of cards with sayings on them which Marsha thought typified me. Some of the cards featured flamingos. Denise then came along with a notebook with flamingos on each page, … Read more One of my own junk journals (How it began)


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