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Acrylic painting takes first prize in section

Remember my replacement acrylic painting of the lotus made for my friend? She insisted that I put it into Rylstone Agricultural Show.

Prize winning acrylic painting

Lotus Blossom  which I entered into the acrylic painting section, was hung in a really prominent position.  On Saturday it won a first prize. Very chuffed.

The judge was impressed by the way the background created reflections in the water.

Lotus Blossom acrylic painting
Lotus Blossom 24in x 36in

Also entered was a watercolour of Lake Windamere. Used Art Spectrum watercolours on Arches cold pressed A2 paper. No prize, but may be sold.

Cudgegong Afternoon on Lake Windamere


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Latest painting, sold

layers of my life

Layers of my life

Since I was two and a half years old, my life has been fill of loss and sadness. The black areas of the work symbolise this darkness.

But there have been many bright times, happy and joyful. Colour fills my days, as in the painting.

Threaded through all this has been my strong faith, which helped me cope with the really bad times, and rejoice in the great times — thus the cross.

I asked friends to give me a word to describe me. Some said they needed more than one! These are the words in the painting — me through their eyes.

Lastly, the eye is others seeing me and my life in colourful detail.

layers of my life
Mixed media on canvas

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Lotus Blossom 2

When I attempted to varnish the original lotus painting,  I had a disaster.

After watching several videos online on varnishing paintings, I started to do it. The red and pink paints rolled up with the roller. I was beside myself.

I tried to overpaint, but wasn’t at all satisfied, so I bought a new canvas, and started again.

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom
Lotus Blossom 24in x 36in SOLD

Mixed media 24in x 36in

Texture using gel medium and texture paste on stencils.

The magic happened then and here’s the new Lotus Blossom.

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Latest paintings

Kandos Painters group had an exhibition over the centenary of Kandos weekend in October. I sold a painting on opening night. My first real attempt at abstract art which is my current fascination. image Entitled “Desert Skins”, it has several different textural media in the background, which reminded me of snake skins, sand, bark, etcetera. One of the members who also sold a painting on opening night, said later, “Now we are real artists!” Other paintings I entered in the show were these: image image image I am back painting again after a stressful time with my mother’s and my health issues. Feels good!

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The Red Tree, a beginning acrylics painting course

I joined an online acrylic painting course, as I needed some guidance in using different brushes, and strokes.
Karen Ilari, the artist tutor is very easy to follow and to listen to on the videos.
This is the reference photo we were given, and as Karen painted, she explained how she did what she did,  and why.


I spent the week painting it on 300gsm rough finish water colour paper, and am pleased with the result.


You can check Karen out at Paint with Karen Ilari