Buddi's portrait finished

Finished Buddi’s portrait

Buddi and his mummy came for a visit this morning to say goodbye and invite me to come when Buddi went to sleep. He was very frail and so thin, just like a human 90-odd year old would be. I decided to finish his portrait so he would still be there for Denise afterwards....

Faces using coloured pencils

Busy painting and drawing

I am currently doing several online journalling and drawing classes and so enjoying them. Learning to draw faces that actually are nice to look at has been so enlightening. Here’s a sample of faces:...


Started a new course in drawing

I have always loved to draw. My Biology practical book was kept by the teacher when I finished matriculation as inspiration for future classes, because of my drawing skill. But that sort of drawing is not what I need for my travel journalling sketching, so I decided to learn about shading, form, and other...

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