Muralised our onsite caravan

I did it again!

After we extended the onsite van/cabin at the lake, I just had to freshen up the old, tired van that is the basis of the site.

I painted a mural of the beautiful view of the lake from the site. Once the garden grows it will look like it’s part of the lake.

Garden view:

Closer view of the mural:


Builder finished today, Winnebago still off the road

The builder finished his part of the job today and the plumber and electrician will complete by week’s end.

cabin extension

Bob is depressed and angry because we can’t seem to get the Winnebago fixed. We are stranded to all intents and purposes, although one of the residents came up and offered us her car to go to Mudgee. Wasn’t that nice?

That same lovely lady gave us the mosaic of the saxophone you see here as a house-warming present. The sax is mostly mirror chips, and the rest is tile pieces.

cabin steps entrance

The screen was inspired by a wall of old pallets in a Rylstone cafe. We love it.



'wallpapered' walls

The new rooms are looking great

The loungeroom walls are to be covered in various surface treatments using recycled materials.

This part wall beside the bathroom door shows some cardboard packaging from the shower cubicle attached to the studs.

callage walls layer 1

This wall started out that way, too. I collaged many pictures from magazines, old book pages, maps of where the cabin is, tasty meals, and so much more. The titles of the pages are intriguing and people take time to read them. Fun!