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More time for art journals

love is

There are so many distractions when you want to make art every day. Life gets in the way so quickly, you hardly notice. I have painted nothing for almost two weeks and we are going house sitting tomorrow for ten days. Oh well!

My current obsession is watercolour. I love how it blends when wet, can be transparent or opaque, and dries in minutes. I love to make the paint watery and then tilt the page in different directions to make runnels on the paper.

The art journal page below is my interpretation of the prompt for the week “Love is in the air”, on Journalling Krazy Island Style. While I have done several courses in art journalling, I joined this course so that I had a ready-made start to the week — a prompt.

What is a ‘prompt’?

It is often helpful to use a prompt from another person or group, as you can start with an idea instead of a blank page. So, what is a prompt? A prompt is an idea or a word or even a technique that is proposed by someone other than you. This lets you explore a topic or technique which is in not your comfort zone. It is surprising how many great pages/paintings have started from a simple prompt.

Where can you get prompts?

Doing a search online for art journal prompts brings up almost 2 000 000 results. Choose the ones that you relate to, and join or bookmark the sites.

One of my favourites which is free to join is: Journal 52

See you next time.


love is
Love is in the air Watercolour in Strathmore Visual Journal
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Transformative Art Journalling from Krystal Norton

I signed up for this course last year and it began in January.

One of the first tasks we were set was to put a face to our inner critic, so we could address his/her comments. As well, we had to write 10 times: “I am a creative genius”.

creative genius

And here’s what I said to old square head.

creative genius

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Pattern and pattern on a page

Samie ( wanted us to get out five scraps of fabric, paper or lace that were patterned and that didn’t match each other.

Collaged them on a gessoed page and began to spray inks and make runs of ink, and stencilled inks.

Next morning when I went to work on the page I noticed a bird shape had magically appeared on the left of the page. I enhanced the shape with Derwent Inktense pencils and the page took on its own life.


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Creative Jump Starts 2014: First jumpstart

Second paint layer on dry first layer

Julie Fei Fan Balzer showed us how to use everyday household objects to make texture on our gelatin printing plate.

These are the odds and ends I used:


Pieces of lace, corrugated cardboard, tapestry canvas, grout spreader, tube from carpet tape, jar lid, bubble wrap and part of a plastic cake tray, were my choices.

First print

First print with purple and yellow paint

Second print with new layer of yellow paint and using the grout spreader

Second layer of yellow paint

New paint layers  were purple and magenta

First print collected the left over paint from the previous layers

print using netting and lace for texture

Cleaned the plate, new paint layers – blue and orange

Using lace for texture

Second print after first paint layer dried and new blue layer brayed on

Second paint layer on dry first layer

And magically the Gelli plate was clean enough to put away.

Thanks for the ideas, Julie.



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My favourite page from Life Book 2013

Introspection LB 2013

One of the many favourites!

Using inkjet image and gel medium to transfer onto the dress, collaged elements surrounding the woman, and lastly waxing her with beeswax.

The last step was using melted kids crayons to decorate the edges.

Lots of new techniques which I really enjoyed.

Introspection LB 2013
Introspection LB 2013
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My latest art journal page

Lilies in the fields

As I worked on adding collaged GelliPlate prints and printed tissue scraps to the background, I thought of adding a person.

Sprayed blue ink through a home made silhouette stencil and then thought of clothing her.

Into my mind popped the verse from Matthew about the lilies of the field, and the page was born.

I used Prismacolor pencils, Aquarelle crayons, spray inks, collaged papers, acrylic paints, Sharpie markers.


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What I am grateful for in 2013

I was reading an ebook about journalling, and saw a page about the end of the year approaching.

The author said she liked to reflect on the past year and see the best things.

Since my recent ill health and the not so wonderful (although not life threatening) diagnosis, it would be easy to feel sorry for me.

Gratitude for my blessings is a way of reminding myself of all the good things in my life, so I decided to make a journal page about  just that.

I’ll post a picture when it’s finished.





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Dead kangaroos jump out at you, too!

Winnebago Eyre 2012

Our Winnebago is off the road.

We came around a bend on the Castlereagh Highway at 90 km p.h. and there was a large dead roo in front of us. Nowhere to go but hit it, and bang.

Pitch black dark, not sure what is busted…

Almost home, so we kept going. No warning lights, no funny noises, no extra rattles.

In the daylight we found we had a ruptured fuel line, because the diesel is dripping out fast. Not sure what else is damaged, but the insurance company will see about that.

We are in an isolated location, so getting it towed somewhere is proving to be difficult, and because it is under warranty, we don’t want just anyone to tinker with it.

Oh dear!


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Another wonderful course from Jane Davenport


I’m also taking part in a Draw Happy course with Jane Davenport, called Frolicaholics. We had to make a journal from scrap art paper, sew it together and start the art.

One of the spreads in the journal – Start the Art
Start the Art — page open