Art Journals

Jan's 70th page-3-4

My art journals have changed

The early ones were OK, but the latest ones are better. IMHO  ;>)
Altered Index Book
Lettering journal
Marker Tour Lesson
Properties of markers, both alcohol and water based
Travel journal page 3 open
Lift up tab at the bottom of right hand page.
Gresford 2012
Fold out on right hand page
Glue collected bits from your trip in your travel journal.
art heart healing spread
Write feelings, then painted over and new message on top
Junk Journal
Made from dog food packets
Covered junk cardboard
'Stitched' with silver gaffer tape.
Just Do It journal
Shaped scrap watercolour paper, stitched together
life book january journey
Watercolour, water soluble crayons, collage, photo
gratitude journal page
A3 Scraped left over acrylic paint, collage, felt pens
Lilies in the fields
Collage, mask, jounalling. A3
True to You Journal spread
Over painted on collaged surface
Creative genius
Affirmation page
Transformative Journalling
Inner Critic conversation
love is (prompt)
Replicated anniversary card
Feeling Blue
Prompt: blue
journal 70th
Page 1-2
journal 70th
Page 3-4
journal 70th
Page 5
journal (prompt: birds)
Pockets with cards A4 spread
Inks runs splashes
Collage, acrylic inks, paint pens, printing with found objects
I have had many careers in my 70+ years, but always creativity was at the forefront. I am passionate about using less and wasting less. I love design, painting, decorating, and now I am combining all that into making junk journals. Creating is like breathing for me!
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