Jan’s Junque Journals

Handmade Junk Journals (Eco-journals), Using Upcycled Vintage Books and Papers

What is a junk journal?

  • A journal is a book in which you write, an art journal is one in which you paint and/or write, and are often made from really good papers so they can take wet art materials.
  • A junk journal is made from junk paper that may be destined for the recycle bin or the trash. Sometimes they are based in an old book, altered for the purpose.
  • A trashy junk journal is full of materials that mostly would not be considered 'good' paper, such as advertising materials (junk mail, flyers, catalogues).

What do you use them for, these junk journals?

You can write in them, paint in them, glue pictures in them, make lists. Some papers may need to be prepared with gesso or collage before art materials can be used on them.

I make these journals with you in mind

There's places for you to pop in torn out pictures or articles from magazines. You'll find blank pages or tags where you can quickly write your thoughts. There are even secret pockets to write information only you can know!

Truly, a green craft

Junk journals are also known as eco-journals.

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