Handmade for you from upcycled paper materials

Curious about handmade junk journals?

You’ve come to the right place!

Find out what handmade junk journals are, how to make them, how to use them, where to find resources, and more!

Learn all about junk journals

Are junk journals full of rubbish?
Are they made of what some might consider ‘junk’?

Upcycled paper materials = beautiful junk journals

Different papers and junk mail turn into a trashy junk journal

How to use junk journals

Imagine the Possibilities

You can

Write in them, paint in them, glue pictures in them, make lists in them.


Keep memories in them, put your bills and receipts in them, make art in them.


Use them as guest books in your B&B, at a wedding, for a baby shower.

And …

I’m sure you can think of exactly why you need one (or two) junk journals!

Lots of information for you

Junk Journal Tips and Tricks

Junk journal tips for how to make and use these wonderful journals. There are articles about collecting and making ephemera and other content for your junk journals. As well, I tell you how to use your junk journal.

Posts include subjects such as inspiration for your books, and how to make the things you put into a journal.

Would you like to know how to use your finished junk journals? There are posts about ways to use junk journals, as well as how to make them. See more below.

In addition, I will post reviews and links to resources to help you with your creations.

My handmade junk journals are amazing …

… and for good reason!
handmade junk jurnal
Cover is one of my watercolour paintings

My background is artist, quilt artist, interior decorator, web designer and graphic designer.

All in all, these skills help me enormously.

Colour, pattern, texture, feelings: all speak to me loud and clear.

Such fun every day!

Latest posts on Jan’s Junk Journals

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I love making handmade junk journals

Creating is like breathing for me!

I am

Passionate about using less and wasting less

In love with design, watercolour painting, decorating

Combining all that into handmade junk journals.


Inspiration is everywhere!

I have more trouble containing my imagination than having a creative block

Give me a piece of pretty paper and watch me go!


Select paper for pages

Choose a colour scheme or a theme

Get out die cuts, trims

Finding the right piece of ephemera is so exhilarating!

Handmade journals available in the shop

Get in touch

Have Some Questions?

Do you have questions about handmade junk journals?

Send me a message using the form.

If you’d like to arrange a custom junk journal, fill out the form and I’ll reply asap.

Whatever you need to know about junk journals, ask me.

I’ll help.
Jan T


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