My journals are amazing, and for good reason.

I make them with love, enthusiasm and attention to detail.

My background as an artist, quilt artist, and having worked in interior design, web design and page layout, helps me enormously.

Colour, pattern, texture, feel — all speak to me loud and clear.

Such fun stuff to enjoy every day!

About Junk Journals

What are they, and what are they used for?

What are junk journals?

Sometimes called trashy junk journals, the pages are made using materials that mostly would not be considered 'good' paper, such as advertising materials (junk mail, flyers, catalogues), vintage stationery, envelopes, greeting cards, and used folders.

Pages can be different sizes, colour, pattern, thickness...

All these elements are assembled into signatures and stitched inside a cover, or added to the pages of an altered vintage book.

Not So Shabby Junk Journal - Mini journal in pocket, corner tuck

How are they used?

You can write in them, paint in them, glue pictures in them, make lists in them. You can use them as guestbooks in your B&B, at a wedding, for a baby shower.

You can keep memories in them, put your bills and receipts in them, make art in them. (Some papers may need to be prepared with gesso or collage before art materials can be used on them.)

I'm sure you can think of exactly why you need one (or two) junk journals!

Envelope tuck. spot

I love making junk journals

Creating is like breathing for me!

My Passion
  • I am passionate about using less and wasting less.
  • I love design, watercolour painting, decorating.
  • I combine all that into making junk journals.
The Idea
  • Inspiration is everywhere!
  • I have more trouble containing my imagination than having a creative block.
  • Give me a piece of pretty paper and watch me go!
The Search
  • Paper for pages
  • Colour scheme/theme
  • Die cuts, trims
  • Finding the right piece of ephemera is so exhilarating.

Altered books, upcycled ring binders, trashy junk journals...

Latest Journals For Sale

Not So Shabby Junk Journal - Fabric covered junk journaler

Rose Themed Junk Journal

"Not So Shabby"

Your beautiful new junk journal is filled with images of roses, harvested from an old calendar. Covered with pretty fabric, it feels so good in your hand. You...

Special Gifts for Special People

Custom Design by You, Journal Handmade by Me

Stuck for ideas for that extra special gift for your favourite person?

I can help!

Bring me your ideas and I'll make you a gorgeous one-of-a-kind journal.

Joy asked me to make her a wedding/honeymoon journal for her granddaughter in blue and white. Read about this lovely gift or watch a video of the finished journal.

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