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More time for art journals

love is

There are so many distractions when you want to make art every day. Life gets in the way so quickly, you hardly notice. I have painted nothing for almost two weeks and we are going house sitting tomorrow for ten days. Oh well!

My current obsession is watercolour. I love how it blends when wet, can be transparent or opaque, and dries in minutes. I love to make the paint watery and then tilt the page in different directions to make runnels on the paper.

The art journal page below is my interpretation of the prompt for the week “Love is in the air”, on Journalling Krazy Island Style. While I have done several courses in art journalling, I joined this course so that I had a ready-made start to the week — a prompt.

What is a ‘prompt’?

It is often helpful to use a prompt from another person or group, as you can start with an idea instead of a blank page. So, what is a prompt? A prompt is an idea or a word or even a technique that is proposed by someone other than you. This lets you explore a topic or technique which is in not your comfort zone. It is surprising how many great pages/paintings have started from a simple prompt.

Where can you get prompts?

Doing a search online for art journal prompts brings up almost 2 000 000 results. Choose the ones that you relate to, and join or bookmark the sites.

One of my favourites which is free to join is: Journal 52

See you next time.


love is
Love is in the air Watercolour in Strathmore Visual Journal

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My latest two Friendly Faces

Jan T at 2

We had to draw ourselves as a child,  and the next as an older person. Easy for me, I am older!



I am so having fun and practice does make perfect. Almost! VBG

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Spread from my journal

Journal spread Gresford

We have decided to add Gresford campground to our list of favourites, because we like the peaceful surroundings there.

This is the spread in the journal showing some of the scenery as we travelled there and some pictures of the campground at Gresford.

Journal spread Gresford
Journal spread Gresford

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Broken toe?

Jan T (Urquhart) Baillie Ballina 2012

Last night I stubbed a toe on one of the large pictures stacked in the hall, awaiting the removalists. Oh, it hurt so much!

This morning I couldn’t put my foot to the floor, and Bob got my crutches so I could go to the bathroom. The pain was so bad, I got sick, went sweaty and fainted.

Bob called the ambulance, now everyone in town knows I was taken to the hospital.

Not broken, just wrenched badly, according to the X-ray. Had to be taken out to the car in a wheelchair!

Packing on hold, but I must get better tomorrow, because the moving men arrive on Monday.

Meanwhile, still learning as much as I can about journalling.