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Colour swatch challenge on Journal 52

I joined a free year long journalling group which has weekly prompts. Since I joined late, I still have to catch up, but am really enjoying the challenges, and am using them to experiment with some new techniques (for me!).

Week 9 was to select three swatches of colour, and create a page, so no point in choosing favourites, is there?

Inspired by a Diane R Nelson painting with two sisters in it, I painted a face that’s partly missing, a la Nelson’s painting, and used my own experimental techniques with Neocolor II water soluble pastels to make the page.

All in all, very satisfying!


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Experimenting with colour complements

Experiments with green blue and red orange journal page

I bought a great book, recommended by Samie Harding (, called Flavor for Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw. (You can buy your printed copy or a Kindle version from the links at the bottom of this post. I get a small commission which I use to help pay for my website costs.)

Using two colours opposite on the colour wheel, although the exercises show three, I began to play with tints and shades. My favourite colour scheme is blue-green and red-orange in all their flavours.

The two colours were scraped onto the page and blended together, using an old credit card. I added circles in tints and tones by adding black, white or each other and then lastly, used a fat Copic to add the ‘screen’ and a white Uniball pen, as well as a fine Sharpie for the doodlings.

Here is the palette after I finished with the page.

green-blue/red-orange palette

And my finished page:

Experiments with green blue and red orange journal page

Thank you Samie for talking about this great book. More experiments to come.