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New quilt for Adam and Sara

Started a new wall quilt today

My stepson and his wife were given a fabulous second-hand smoke glass table, round with very heavy smoke steel central leg, and four chairs upholstered in fawn suede.

He hates it! I don’t think he knows what a treasure it is.

I have started a wall quilt today in modern style to incorporate the colours in their (rented) home.

They both love black, and Sara has just purchased 20 metres of black suede-look fabric to recover the sofa and chairs we gave them. So I am using blacks, tans and fawns for the quilt.

The design

The quilt will have nine small strip-pieced blocks arranged in three columns. The bottom two rows will be closer to each other, while the top row will be separated from these two.

I will quilt the piece using horizontal slightly wavy lines with no particular spacing, just as the mood takes me.

I need a different, less flowery black for the background, but I can get that after I complete the blocks.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Getting started on the strip piecing

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