Cancer Council Quilt Project Quilts

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Acrylic Paintings Gallery


Some of my latest acrylic paintings
Cabin mural
Desert Skins SOLD
Acrylic gels, bead gel, stencilling, paint pen A4 canvas board
Near Wellington NSW
10in x10in wrapped canvas
14in x 14in wrapped canvas
Lotus Blossom SOLD
18in x 24in wrapped canvas
Scraped paint, gel medium stencilling, metallics.
1st | Rylstone-Kandos Show
Orange Poppies
Acrylics, gel medium, bead gel, rubbing paste A4 canvas board
Layers of My Life SOLD
20in x 16in wrapped canvas

Watercolour Gallery

love is

My latest watercolour efforts
Curly Petals Iris
Close view of iris flower, 16in x 12in, Arches cold press paper
Dabee Street Cottages
9in x 8in, watercolour on Arches cold press paper
water colour balls
yellow roses watercolour painting
Look Beneath
watercolour painting roses in crystal
watercolour paintings vase abstract
Yellow Rose Watercolour Painting
Rose and Bluebell
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Art Journals

My art journals have changed

The early ones were OK, but the latest ones are better. IMHO  ;>)
Altered Index Book
Lettering journal
Marker Tour Lesson
Properties of markers, both alcohol and water based
Travel journal page 3 open
Lift up tab at the bottom of right hand page.
Gresford 2012
Fold out on right hand page
Glue collected bits from your trip in your travel journal.
art heart healing spread
Write feelings, then painted over and new message on top
Junk Journal
Made from dog food packets
Covered junk cardboard
'Stitched' with silver gaffer tape.
Just Do It journal
Shaped scrap watercolour paper, stitched together
life book january journey
Watercolour, water soluble crayons, collage, photo
gratitude journal page
A3 Scraped left over acrylic paint, collage, felt pens
Lilies in the fields
Collage, mask, jounalling. A3
True to You Journal spread
Over painted on collaged surface
Creative genius
Affirmation page
Transformative Journalling
Inner Critic conversation
love is (prompt)
Replicated anniversary card
Feeling Blue
Prompt: blue
journal 70th
Page 1-2
journal 70th
Page 3-4
journal 70th
Page 5
journal (prompt: birds)
Pockets with cards A4 spread
Inks runs splashes
Collage, acrylic inks, paint pens, printing with found objects

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Colour Pencil Paintings

Old House Dabee Street Rylstone

Colour pencil paintings of some favourite pets, and buildings

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Sold paintings in watercolour, acrylic and colour pencil

Jasper's Portrait - one of 5 sold paintings

Five sold paintings

I exhibited paintings in two local exhibitions during the last five months, resulting in three sold paintings. At one venue I sold an acrylic painting, while two watercolour pictures were sold in another.

In addition, I sold an acrylic painting and completed a commission in coloured pencil,

Sadly, I only took photos of one of these sold paintings: Jasper.

Commissioned 'portrait' one of the sold paintings

Jasper is the faithful companion of Kevin and Marsha, who own other paintings of mine.

Using Prismacolour Premier pencils on Colorfix paper, I enjoyed painting the portrait. It was very satisfying to do. One thing that surprised me though, was how quickly the sanded surface wore down the colour pencils. Had to buy more white and ginger pencils!

As a result of painting this picture, I have another commission for a portrait of Buddi, who is a very old Jack Russell/Maltese cross much loved by his owner.


Jasper sold painting

Sixty Degree Triangle Quilts by Jan T

Sixty degree triangle quilts are a challenge because the normal patchwork seam allowance rules don't apply. Jan T has made lots of these quilts which are based on an equilateral triangle, traditionally called 1000 Pyramids

Gallery: Jan T's Sixty Degree Triangle Quilts

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Web design(er) again too

park website

The new owners of the Park asked me to design and deploy a website for them. How web design and the rules for that have changed since I last designed a site!

Web design trends

The trend in 2016 is flat or one page design, which is so changed from 2012, where hierarchical page design was still the norm. As well, HTML 5 and CSS 3 are quite different from what was current a few years ago, so some brushing up was necessary.

What does flat website design mean?

Definition and purpose. Flat design is a style of interface design emphasizing minimum use of stylistic elements that give the illusion of three dimensions (such as excessive use of drop shadows, gradients or textures) and is focused on a minimalist use of simple elements, typography and flat colors.
Flat design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quite a bit of studying and video courses were required to update my skills to 2016, but I have so been energised by the challenges. I forgot how much I loved doing web development.

The most challenging part of the web design was the need for a booking plugin. It was much trial and error finding the right plugin for booking cabins and sites. After trying many, I settled on the one which delivered ease of use as well as functionality.

The new site design starts with a one page template, OnePress from Fame Themes, and is customised by me to a very large degree. The single page scrolls through many sections. While there are a some individual pages, most of these are linked in the section settings.

David, the owner, is so impressed that he said it was maybe too flash for them! Of course it’s not!

The front (almost only) page of the site:

Web design: Cudgegong Waters Park website
Cudgegong Waters Park new website

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Editor again

Front page Cottage Capers

I have been helping to produce a small (4 page) in house newsletter for a local aged care centre. The centre is called ada cottage, so I called the ‘paper’ Cottage Capers.

I have since become the editor, as it is a good way for me to continue in a volunteer role, without the 60km return trip to Kandos, where ada cottage is.

Here is the masthead:

ada masthead
Cottage Capers masthead

Challenging for the grey matter again, but enjoyable.

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Hake brushes: What are they?

Hake brush

Watercolourists use a hake (pron. har-kay) to help them when painting

Artists use hake brushes in different ways, but I was impressed with how it was used to re-wet areas that were drying and to dampen areas that are next to paint, while watching a video boxed set course by Paul Taggart, Learning to Enjoy Painting  in Watercolour

Paul showed how to use a hake brush in several ways:

  • Wetting the page
  • Wetting the area you are about to paint
  • Removing extra water before it causes problems
  • Blending areas together
hake brushes
Image: Dick Blick Art Supplies, click the image to see more details.

Of course I had to go straight away to the art supplies store, Express Hobbies to buy myself one.

The hake I got from Bob at Express Hobbies was like the largest one in this picture. It has soft goat hair bristles packed thickly together, which makes it a ‘thirsty’ brush which will hold a lot of water.

How to use a hake successfully

  • To stretch the paper before you start to paint
    • Thoroughly wet the brush and starting at the top, brush across the paper moving down at the same time.
  • To wet or re-wet an area you about to glaze or paint
    • Wet the brush thoroughly, then flick it to remove the excess water and gently stroke the surface where you want the wetness
  • As you paint, runs may start if you work at an angle
    • Image: John Lovett Watercolour Workshops - Hake brushDry the brush on a towel by stroking it across the towel, and then stroke across the painting where the run is, and blend it away
  • In the same way, blend an area of sky with a mountain or hill top

While I painted Cudgegong Afternoon, I used a large squirrel hair mop brush but wasn’t able to get it flat enough to do what the hake will do.

Now that I have my own hake brush, I will get more control of the wetness, an issue for me as I paint on the verandah outside the cabin.

I will let you know how I fare with it.

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Watercolour Painting Sold: Cudgegong Afternoon

Cudgegong-afternoon watercolour painting

I made Cudgegong Afternoon to put in the show in town. Although it took me several weeks to finish as I painted it in layers of very diluted pigments, I really enjoyed the process,

The new owners of Cudgegong Waters Park were so delighted that I consented to let them buy it, because they absolutely loved it.

Please enjoy it.

Update: Veronica called in to show me the framed painting. It looks spectacular!

Watercolour Painting Sold

Cudgegong Afternoon

Arches™ cold pressed paper, A2, watercolour tube paints from Art Spectrum (an Aussie company).

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Roses are red, or apricot


I painted a watercolour close focus picture of a beautiful rose from my friend’s garden, and presented it to her for Christmas.

Loved doing all the glazing in this one. 8in x 8in Fabiano cold pressed paper and Art Spectrum paints.