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The Murray area of NSW

My journal page for today

We are staying at Wymah Valley Holiday Park north of Albury.

A very pretty spot on the shores of Lake Hume.

My journal page for today

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After a few hiccups we are now travelling

Our truck blew an AC hose — warranty claim, but we have been having a ball since Thursday. Bob had his first free camping experience, and we were not attacked. Fancy that!

Here are some of my first travel journal pages.

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First lesson in the Magical Marker Mystery Tour

Cover of the marker tour booklet

Joined Joanne Z Sharpe’s marker class.

Here’s my first lesson — the cover of a reference booklet that we will have made by the end of lesson 20.

Cover of the marker tour booklet
Cover of the marker tour booklet

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Finally we are on the road

Winnebago Eyre 2012

We have moved into the Winnebago, full-time. It’s amazing how much stuff we still needed to pack into it, even though we reckoned that we had a bare minimum.

We bought a small covered-in trailer which has all the excess ‘stuff’ in it, making room for tubs with lids to act as pantry and other household needs in the rear storage compartment.

Winnebago Eyre 2012
Our new mobile home — a Winnebago Eyre (See the doggie’s home at the door?)

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Broken toe?

Jan T (Urquhart) Baillie Ballina 2012

Last night I stubbed a toe on one of the large pictures stacked in the hall, awaiting the removalists. Oh, it hurt so much!

This morning I couldn’t put my foot to the floor, and Bob got my crutches so I could go to the bathroom. The pain was so bad, I got sick, went sweaty and fainted.

Bob called the ambulance, now everyone in town knows I was taken to the hospital.

Not broken, just wrenched badly, according to the X-ray. Had to be taken out to the car in a wheelchair!

Packing on hold, but I must get better tomorrow, because the moving men arrive on Monday.

Meanwhile, still learning as much as I can about journalling.

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My new journalling storage solution

journal pens storage

I packed all my supplies, except the hair dryer, into this rolling trolley full of drawers. I have had it beside my sewing machine with threads, needles, and all things quilty. As I packed the contents, it occurred to me that it was the better solution to journal supplies storage.

It turned out to be very successful.

Here it is closed:

My journal supplies trolley

The trolley closed

And open:

Journaling supplies trolley open

The big yellow and white book is to be my travel journal (an altered book).

Here’s the best bit

This drawer has plastic cups to store pens and pencils. I have looked at so many journaling websites, I can’t remember whose site this idea came from. Perhaps by chance you may know so I can credit her. Thank you to her anyway.

journal pens storage
A clever idea for storing pens and markers

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Changed my journalling storage plan

We went to visit our new Winnebago last Friday (it’s so lovely!) and decided that the large tub wasn’t the way to go.

I decided to utilise a rolling set of drawers that I always keep by my sewing machine. So I have emptied it and am in the process of filling it with my supplies.

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Having fun with my new journal

The front plate in my new art journal

I played with some of the techniques I’m learning, to make the title page for a small journal.

The front plate in my new journal
The front plate in my new journal, using a butterfly stamp, some lettering techniques, and various Pitt pens, with watercolour background

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How will I fit all my supplies for my travel journal?

Toiletries bag makes a good hold all for pens.

In the back of the Winnebago, under the bedroom, is a huge storage area with access three ways.

I have put all my supplies into a large wheeled tub.

Here they are all out:

All spread out, ready to pack
My journalling supplies ready to pack

And here they are all in:

All packed into the tub
My travel journal equipment all inside the tub.

The brightly coloured zippered cosmetic bags were a gift for our travels, but they are much too nice to keep for the bathroom.

The toiletries bag shown open, with pens, markers, coloured pencils, water colour pens…

Toiletries bag makes a good hold all for pens.
A man’s toiletries bag with lots of zippered compartments which open flat.

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I started learning journal lettering

lesson 7: Creative Composition

Because I’m going to journal all about our adventures in the Winnebago, I’ve started learning different lettering techniques in a class with Joanne Sharpe, called Letter Love 101.

I’m having a ball so far.

lesson 7: Creative Composition
Lesson 7 from Letter Love 101

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Not with Dad anymore, but not at home either

Wow! Life changes in an instant!

We had sold our lovely iLoad because it was too difficult for Dad to climb in and out of. We swapped it for a beautiful red Ford XR6. He has no idea that it isn’t new, or that we did it for him.

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