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Retired quiltmaker, turned artist

About Jan T

About Jan T

Jan T has stopped working!

Now that I am retired and living in a cabin in the mountains, there is no room for making quilts, so I am back to my first love — painting.

Along with art journalling, I am having lots of fun making art every day.

I am in Heaven!

See the drawing of the tiny Jan T? That was part of a challenge to draw yourself at 2 or 3, and then draw an older family member. I just drew me, the oldest family member here at 68!

Jan T's life in pictures

Clockwise from top left: 2, 40, 60, 66, 70, 68

Art Therapy with Jan T

I have been visiting a local aged care home and showing the residents some art techniques while using the art projects as therapeutic tools. The residents have really been enjoying the lessons, and so have I.

Reminding each one to let their light shine was a stand-out success.

The art component must be kept simple, as many of the participants have lost their fine motor skills, so complex painting would not be therapy but the opposite of that.

They love to list things about themselves that most of those around them are unaware of, and by using simple diagrams that they can manage to copy, or with my help, make a reasonable fist of painting or drawing, the 'students' can incorporate these talents in the artwork.

Their self esteem is boosted by remembering how skilled they were in their youth, or by the artwork they have produced to share with their family or carers.

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Next 30 years

Or what’s allotted to me, I’ll spend playing with paint and brushes and canvas and paper…

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